Boovie® 2023 a început! Află cum te poți înscrie aici.
Boovie 2023

Throughout the six editions of the festival, the Regulation evolved with the Boovie phenomenon, the organization becoming a key word. Before to (re) enter our world, we need to reveal some updates to the regulations.



Boovie® is a book-trailer festival-competition that offers participants a form of training based on personal development and non-formal means: mindful reading, trailer, acting, creative writing, film editing, cinematography, commercials. The festival will take place in Focșani, Vrancea county, from July 15 – 17, 2022 and will take place physically or online, depending on the evolution of the situation caused by the pandemic.


The aim of the competition is to motivate students to read consciously by taking part in a book-trailer competition and by capturing the essence of representative novels for teenage life in all eras and parts of the world.


3.1. The general objectives of the competition are:

a) Cultivating an interest in reading and the pleasure of reading consciously;

b) Stimulating students’ critical and autonomous thinking and developing empathy;

c) Developing teamwork skills;

d) Developing the capacity to build a message through an integrated approach;

e) Creating a modern multicultural and transdisciplinary vision connected to contemporary realities.

3.2. The specific objectives of the competition are:

a) Develop analytical and synthesis skills by identifying the core meanings of a book and rendering them in film language;

b) Encouraging flexibility in thinking, responsibility for team decisions and emotional experience;

c) Training in team negotiation and persuasion skills needed to produce an advertising product;

d) Developing a spirit of competition based on values;

e) Developing technical skills and applying them to the making of a book trailer;

f) Stimulating creativity and its expression in multimodal languages;

g) Broadening cultural horizons through contact with different worlds, cultures and learning situations.


Pupils from lower secondary school (gymnasium) – classes 5th – 8th, from upper secondary school (high-school) – classes 9th – 12th, from public and private educational establishments, from Romania and abroad, as well as pupils enrolled in theatre/cinematography clubs, from Children’s Palaces/Cultural Centres etc. or from establishments operating under CAEN code 8552, from the same educational cycle, provided they have a co-teacher.



The festival will take place with live or online participation, depending on the situation. The competition includes five standard sections and one section (THE BOX OFF TRAILER) outside the competition:

BOOVIE Kids – for lower secondary school students (5th and 6th grades). The section is divided into three sub-sections, one for each novel entered in the competition;

BOOVIE Junior – for lower secondary school pupils (7th and 8th/9th grades, for countries where 9th grade is lower secondary school, e.g. Republic of Moldova). The section is divided into five sub-sections, one for each novel entered in the competition;

BOOVIE – for high school students (9th to 12th grades). The section is divided into five sub-sections, one for each novel entered in the competition;

BOOVIE+ – section from different non-literary/non-epic or related subjects for middle and high school students. Animated productions and own scripts are accepted in this section;

ExtRO BOOVIE – a section for Romanian students in the diaspora; they will choose a book from the competition, according to the educational cycle to which they belong;

POCKET TRAILER – section outside the competition, to which teams that have not registered during the official registration period or those that do not meet the minimum number of members specified in these Rules may apply, subject to the same conditions.


2.1. Students and teachers can enter the competition either with the web application – Boovie WebApp, available via desktop/laptop/mobile browsers, by following the Entries link in the Entries menu available at from January 28 to March 08, 2022, or with the Boovie mobile app, available in the AppStore (for iOS phones (iPhone) and in the Google Play Store or Huawei Store (for Android phones).

2.2. Registration is carried out by each individual participant, teacher or student, by filling in the registration form after creating a user account. After completing the form, each participant will find a file (ICN) for the Information and Consent Note in his/her account. Students, in addition to teachers, will also find a form (PRA) related to the Parent or Legal Representative Agreement. Both the ICN and PRA are pre-filled with the data from the form and must be downloaded, signed by the head and parent/legal representative, then carefully scanned or photographed to be correctly framed and legible (with all information visible) and uploaded to the same personal user account.

2.3. At the end of the individual registration process, the teacher can start forming teams. After filling in the team name, the teacher has the following options to register his/her students: – a QRcode that students can scan directly from their teacher’s phone to agree to join the team; – if the students are not in the same place as the teacher, the teacher can copy the link to the access request and send it to the students; – the link can also be distributed to students by directly pressing the specific share/distribute icon on the device from which they accessed their account..

2.4. The team is considered registered and eligible after verification by the organizer that the Information and Consent Notes and the Parent or Legal Representative Agreement of all team members have been completed correctly and completely. Verification involves not only checking that the documents have been uploaded, but also that the completed data or signatures are true. In the event of incorrect completion, the participant or even all team members may be asked to re-complete the documents with correct, true data or else be disqualified from the competition.

2.5. Entry in the competition implies acceptance and binding and irrevocable compliance with these Rules by all participants.

2.6. The same team can enter two sections, only in the following combination: Boovie Kids and Boovie+, Boovie Junior and Boovie+ or Boovie and Boovie+.

2.7. The coordinating teacher may request the conclusion of a partnership contract between the educational establishment in which he/she works, on the one hand, and the Colegiul National Pedagogic “Spiru-Haret” Focșani and the Grow Up Project Focșani Association, on the other hand, taking into account the following:

a) A teacher may coordinate more than one team, provided that for each additional team there is a second coordinator; there may be a maximum of two coordinating teachers for a team;

b) For each team, a partnership contract will be signed, including the names of the teachers and students, which will be available in the coordinating teacher’s user account in the WebApp or Boovie mobile app, at the latest from February 14, 2022;

c) for a team to choose the book they want to make the book-trailer for, the coordinating teacher of the team has to download the partnership from February 14, 2022, submit it to their school for signature by the school principal, scan it in colour and upload it back to the same user account by March 9, 2022, 23:59. Otherwise, the team will not be able to participate on the date of the book choosing, on March 10, 2022, and will be redistributed to the free places of the books of the section for which they have registered, the last deadline for submitting the signed partnership being set at June 1, 2022, 23:59. If the partnership has not been submitted by this date, the team may be moved to the “Pocket Trailer” section.

2.8. There is no registration or participation fee for students and teachers.

2.9. For the Pocket Trailer section, the number of members of a team can vary up to a maximum of 11. The team can choose any of the books in the competition, respecting the educational cycle to which they belong. This section has separate prizes and is not eligible for the Boovie Gala Grand Prizes. Prizes will be determined according to the number of views and ratings on Boovie’s YouTube channel (40%) and the judges’ ratings (60%).

2.10. Any number of teams from each school can enter.


3.1. A team will consist of 6-11 members, who may be from the same or different classes, belonging to the same school and the same educational cycle. A pupil may be a member of 2 different teams, subject to the conditions of these rules.

3.2. It is recommended that teams should include students with the following skills: – artistic (actors, scriptwriter, set designer, costume designer, director); – technical (video camera operator, video editor).

3.3. Each team will choose the book for which they want to make the trailer on March 10, 2022. There will be a limited number of places for each book, which will be filled in order of registration. The procedure for assigning books is as follows: – Teams read all the books submitted to the competition in their section; – Each team will nominate their book choice, either a coordinating teacher or the student leader; – The choice of the book will be made from the application provided by the Organiser only to the person designated by the team; – Teams that have not managed to submit by March 9, 2022, 23:59 the partnership signed by the management of the institution they represent, as well as other teams that for various reasons did not participate in the book selection or failed to choose a book, will be assigned directly by the Organiser or by drawing lots, carried out online by the Organiser, to the sub-sections for which there are still places available; – Teams from abroad can choose any book from the school cycle to which they belong, by direct notification to the organisers at

3.4. The teams and their chosen books are announced on the official Boovie Competition Festival Facebook page on March 11, 2022, the same date of the draw for the books for which places are still available.

3.5. From March 11 to June 1, 2022, the teams will make and send the trailers.

3.6. The trailers must be made entirely by the students in the team, who may ask for guidance/assistance from parents/coordinating teachers, without their direct involvement in the final product.

3.7. The use of sounds/music, images, graphics and effects is subject to the obligatory mention of each element taken from the public domain or through the acquisition of copyright: name, author’s surname (where applicable), file name and link to the source. All this information will be noted in a single template inserted in the final credits of the trailer, and will also be included in the fact sheet in the email sending the book-trailer and its 20s promotional material. (see also point 3.15)

3.8. Images, effects and graphics taken from the public domain or through the acquisition of copyrights may not exceed 20 seconds for the duration of the trailer.

3.9. Artistic plagiarism is prohibited and leads to disqualification of the trailer. Reporting an instance of artistic plagiarism will be done by sending an email to, no later than seven days after the trailer has been posted on YouTube. The final decision will be made by the jury and will be officially communicated.

3.10. Each trailer must contain:

a) Identifying credits, i.e. the name and logo of the school, the team name and the title of the book underlying the trailer; these can be inserted both at the beginning and scattered throughout the trailer;

b) Production credits – names of the students in the team/roles performed in the project, name of the coordinating teacher; also specify the model of the camera with which they filmed, the application or software with which they edited the film, all sources from which music, images etc. were taken (see art 3.7.), at the end of the trailer, before the bloopers;

c) Bloopers – moments during the project (group meetings, filming etc.);

d) The organizer will add to each trailer its own initial and final credits, but their duration will not be taken into account when calculating the final trailer duration.

3.11. Trailer duration : – identification and production credits can total a minimum of 20s and a maximum of 30s together; – the trailer itself will be a minimum of 3.00 minutes and a maximum of 3.30 minutes; – bloopers will be between a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds; – the total duration of the final product will be between a minimum of 3.35 minutes and a maximum of 4.30 minutes.

3.12. All trailers will be subtitled in English.

3.13. The trailer will be sent in MP4 format, the video file being named with the team name and the title of the book (e.g. alpha – book of books.mp4), by June 1, 23:59, by electronic transfer, to the email address, together with a relevant fragment chosen by the producing team, 20 seconds long, from the trailer, which the Organiser will use to promote the trailer during the Competition and which will be named according to the same model as the trailer, adding at the end the word “promo” (e.g. alpha – book of books – promo.mp4).

3.14. The upload must contain in the title the name of the team and the title of the book from which the trailer was made, following the model of the file name (e.g. alpha – book of books). In the structure of the email, the technical file of the book-trailer will also be included.

3.15. The data sheet will include: the start time and end time of any identification/production credit insert during or at the end of the book-trailer, with a mention of the total number of seconds for each insert (e.g. identification credits: school = 2s 00:02 – 00:04, team 2s 00:04 – 00:06, book 2s 00:06 – 00:08, production credits 15s 03:05 – 03:20, bloopers 30s 03:20 – 03:50), as well as information on the use of sounds, images, videos, or any other copyrighted creations, specifying the source and author’s name.


4.1. Evaluation criteria for book-trailers: – integrating the major meanings of the book; – the narrative quality of the script, appropriate to the format of a book-trailer, not a summary; – editing, respect of visual and sound rhythm; – the power of persuasion; – the correctness of the written message; – directorial concept; – strength of image, set design, costumes, make-up; – soundtrack suitability; – acting.

4.2. If there are less than 3 book-trailers in a sub-section or in the Boovie+/ ExtRO-Boovie/ Pocket Trailer sections, they will receive a special prize and will only be in competition for the Grand Jury Awards.

4.3. If more than one trailer has the same score, the prize is divided between the teams.

4.4. A festive Gala will be held, where the best films in the competition will be selected for the following categories – Female Performance, Male Performance, Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing, Original Soundtrack, Direction, Costume/Scenography and the Boovie® Grand Prize. If there are not enough trailers with an original soundtrack, the award will not be given.

4.5. Prizes in cash and/or products, participation in thematic courses, invitations to radio/TV shows, etc. will be awarded as follows:

• First Prize – for each subsection, for Boovie+ and for ExtRO Boovie;

• Second Prize – for each subsection, for Boovie+ and for ExtRO Boovie;

• Third Prize – for each subsection, for Boovie+ and for ExtRO Boovie;

• Mentions – (a number of mentions equal to 20% of the number of teams entered in each section) for each subsection for Boovie+ and ExtRO Boovie;

• Popularity Award;

• Pocket Trailer Award;


• Awards at the Gala:

– Grand Jury Prize for Female/Male Performance;

– Grand Jury Prize for Screenplay;

– Grand Jury Prize for Image;

– Grand Jury Prize for Editing;

– Grand Jury Prize for Original Soundtrack;

– Grand Jury Prize for Directing;

– Grand Jury Prize for Costume/Scenography;

– Grand Prix / BOOVIE Trophy®.

Partners and sponsors may award special mentions and prizes.

4.6. The Popularity Award will be awarded by public vote. The trailers will be uploaded by the organisers on the festival’s YouTube channel with a link from Facebook. Only votes cast by subscribers on Boovie’s YouTube channel will be taken into account.

4.7. Popularization of the trailer by the filmmakers on any media network, online, social media, etc. prior to the competition will result in the exclusion of the team.

4.8. Members of all teams and all teachers involved will receive diplomas (participation, coordinating teacher, accompanying teacher, etc., as appropriate).


5.1. The copyright of the works entered in the competition belongs to the authors, but is also assigned to BOOVIE®, through the Grow Up Project Focșani Association. After the announcement of the winners, all participating schools have the right to use the book-trailers resulting from the competition, for highlighting extracurricular activities, participation in other educational events, etc., with the obligatory preservation of the original credits created by the Organizer.

5.2. Each team from Romania is obliged to be represented at the Focșani galas by at least one teacher (or parent/adult with written confirmation from the director of the unit/Board of Directors of the institution from which the team comes) and at least one student; exceptions to this provision can only be special/special situations that prevent even this minimum representation; in this case, the coordinating teacher will send an explanatory note no later than 24 hours after the occurrence of the reasons/situation preventing attendance at the gala.

5.3. Teams will enter the community in compliance with the COVID-19 health requirements in force at the time of the festival.

5.4. Pupils will have to carry their student ID card, with photo and stamped up to date, as well as the epidemiological opinion.

5.5. The coordinating teacher/parent/adult accompanying the group will supervise the students throughout the festival, being responsible for compliance with all the Organiser’s requirements regarding behavioural and administrative matters, such as those related to accommodation and meals, signing of related documents, including by auxiliary staff accompanying the group, such as the drivers of the means of transport by which the group is travelling.

5.6. Meals are provided by the organisers, accommodation is provided within the available budget if the festival can physically take place.

5.7. The Organiser reserves the right to adjust these rules if the situation so requires in order to ensure the smooth running of each stage. Adjustments will be announced in good time on the website and on social media channels (Facebook and Instagram), via messaging applications or by direct contact.

5.8. The current rules stipulate the conditions that participants must meet in order to be considered eligible. Registration and participation in BOOVIE®, Festival-competition of book-trailers, 7th edition, means for the participants unconditional and irrevocable compliance with these Rules.

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