Boovie® 2023 a început! Află cum te poți înscrie aici.
Boovie 2023
Ghid de înscriere

We want to guide you to sign up if you are new to Boovie®. If you participated in 2022 then you are already used with our forms.


Another edition, another way of registering. We hope you find it easier.

Let’s see how we proceed this year with the registrations.

Well, first we take note of the provisions of the regulations of the sixth edition.

After reading the rules, you should know that all the fields in the form are necessary. Not all are required (those related to your favorite book, music, and favorite movie) but all are necessary. The ones mentioned as optional show us how much diversity Boovie brings together, through participants. They can show us how a teenage student reads books of great depth, or how a Scorpions and Queen age teacher listens to Dua Lipa and Justin Timberlake.

You should also know that we rely on your full attention to completing the data. Be careful, write correctly, use diacritics because many of the data are contained in documents, including diplomas, if you will be awarded. We hope you are also correct and that your and your parents’ data are real because they are situations in which they can be very helpful, maybe even vital. We want to know if you have allergies or health problems in order to be prepared for you, we want to know the religion you belong to because there are aspects related to the program and the type of food we are waiting for you. Here are just a few reasons why we rely on your seriousness in completing the registration form.

The competition registration for students and teachers can be done either through the web application –Boovie WebApp, available through desktop / laptop / mobile phone browsers, following the Register now! link from the Registration menu available on the website between 28.01 – 10.03.2023, either from the Boovie mobile app, available in the AppStore (for iOS phones) and in the Google Play Store or Huawei Store (for Android phones) and updated as soon as possible with the new User Dashboard and the new sign up.

The registration is done by each participant, teacher or student, by filling in the registration form, after creating the user account. After completing the process of completing the data in the form, each participant will find in their own account a file (ICN) related to the Information and Consent Note. Students, in addition to teachers, will also find a form (PRA) related to the Parent or the Legal Representative Agreement. Both the ICN and the PRA are pre-filled with the data in the form and must be downloaded, signed by the holders and parents / legal representatives, then scanned or photographed carefully to be properly framed and readable (with all information visible) and uploaded to the same personal account. user.

At the end of the individual enrollment process, the teacher can begin to create the team. After completing the team name (you can use the name from the previous edition / editions but also a new name, provided that it has not been used until then; if two teams choose the same name, the priority will be established chronologically, according to the first in, first served), the teacher has the following options available to enroll his students:

  • a QR code that students can scan directly from the teacher’s phone, to give their consent to join the team;
  • if the students are not in the same place as the teacher, he can copy the link to the access request, which he then sends to the students;
  • the link can also be distributed to students via SMS, messaging applications (Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram), from the device from which they accessed their account, by directly pressing the specific share icon.

Regarding the registration in two categories, is possible to register only in the combinations of Boovie and Boovie +, Boovie Junior and Boovie + and Boovie Kids and Boovie Plus, just put a simple check mark and there is no need to repeat the registration process from the beginning;).

The team is considered registered and eligible after the verification by the organizer of the correct and complete completion of the Information and Consent Notes as well as the Parents or the Legal Representative Agreement related to all team members. Verification involves not only verifying the upload of documents, but also the veracity of completed data or signatures. In case of incorrect completion, the participant or even all team members may be invited to refill the documents with correct data, in accordance with reality or otherwise may be disqualified from the competition.

We also posted two tutorials on Facebook and Instagram as well as on TikTok

Good luck! (if you think it helps, below there are tutorials for both the teacher and the student).

tutorial inscriere profesor
tutorial inscriere elev

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