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RO03 BTRL 0400 1205 W651 22XX

Good man!

Wow! Just somone with a big, good soul,
who knows and appreciates all the good things we do,
through the Grow Up Project and Boovie® Association,
get to this section.

Infos for sponsors

C.U.I. 27823750
43bis Independenței blvd, Focșani
Code 620056, Vrancea county
IBAN code: RO03 BTRL 0400 1205 W651 22XX
Transilvania Bank from Focșani

Contract Sponsorizare P.J.

Association checking

Grow Up Project Association is registered in Register of Cult Entities and Units
since 2019, April 12,
and yhis can be verified using the C.U.I. to this link.
(C.U.I. Grow Up Project: 27823750)

Sponsorship expenses are deducted from PROFIT TAX, up to 20% of it, but not more than 7.5 ‰ (per thousand) of turnover. Sponsorships can be deducted quarterly (for example, sponsorships made up to March 30 can be deducted, within the limits specified above, from the payment tax on April 25) or annually (sponsorships made during a fiscal year will be deducted, within the legal limits , from the payment tax on January 25 of the following year).


They may incur sponsorship expenses, deductible up to 5% of net income, set as the difference between gross income and deductible expenses, other than sponsorship expenses.

The sponsoring micro-enterprises, according to the provisions of Law no. 32/1994, with the subsequent amendments and completions, for the support of non-profit entities, registered in the Register of cult entities / units for which tax deductions are granted according to art. 25 para. (4 ^ 1), reduce the related amounts from the income tax of the micro-enterprise to the value level representing 20% of the income tax due for the quarter in which they registered the respective expenses.

Tax details

Extras din Codul fiscal
Despre Declarația 107