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Boovie 2021

Boovie 2021 at TVR Cluj

In Cluj, like home! The ‘Region in the objective” brought to the same stage the General Inspector of Cluj County School Inspectorate, the coordinator and a member of the Enigma team from the Cluj-Napoca Children’s Palace and Profa ‘Boovie – Carmen Ion.

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Boovie 2021 at TVR Iași

We really felt “Poster Head” after the presentation of the director Andreea Știliuc and the appreciations of the actor and director Ion Sapdaru.

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Boovie 2021

Boovie 2021 at TVR Craiova

We are all over the country, talking about Boovie® 2021. This time with Simona Mușuroi and Amalia Istrate on TVR Craiova.

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Boovie 2o2o

Boovie goes on!

Professor Carmen Ion’s message regarding the continuation of the Boovie 2020 festival, despite the Pandemic!

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Boovie 2019

Boovie 2019 at Digi24

The people from Old school-New school, Digi24, understood: through Boovie, Carmen Ion encourages students’ creativity.

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