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Hello! From now on it is easier to keep up to date with all the events and news related to the wonderful work and creativity of the students involved in our festival – Boovie®.

The Boovie app will keep you informed about the events of the year and especially about the gala schedule of each edition. So download the app available for both iOS and Android and let’s enjoy the Boovie world! Let’s Boovie®!

Boovie app log


With this release, users can find a new events tab; they will be able to see their chronology, guests or organizers and theme, they will even be able to reserve a place and ask to be notified about the event.

Starting with this release, users can be notified of Boovie news, with notifications that may contain virtual event links, live event locations, links to various polls, quizzes, or polls, and last but not least, links. to the latest news on the festival’s social media channels.

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