Boovie® 2022 is ON

Boovie® 2022... brief



The National Pedagogical College “Spiru Haret” and the “Grow Up Project” Association, both from Focșani, in partnership with the Vrancea County School Inspectorate, organize the 7th edition of the BOOVIE® Book-Trailers Festival-contest.

2022, july 15 – 17, FOCȘANI

Contest requests

some FQ

From which school grades can the participating students be

Students may be from Gymnasium and High school.

Public or private education?

Students can be from both public and private schools.

Other educational type?

Students might be enrolled in theater / film clubs, etc. and also in other educational organizations operating under the  ROMANIAN CAEN code 8552 (educational purposes) but from the same educational cycle, provided they have a coordinating teacher.


Boovie Kids

5th and 6th grades
(3 books in contest)

Boovie Gymnasium

7th and 8th grades
(5 books in contest)

Boovie High school

9th to 12th grades
(5 books in contest)



5th to 12th grades
(not literature one book)

Pocket Trailer

5th to 12th grades
(only online section)

Extro Boovie

romanian students from the diaspora
(any of the books in contest)

* For more details, read the 2022 Regulation

When? Where? How?

registration time

from 25.01.2022 to 8.03.2022

festival days

2022, july 15 – 17, Focșani.

Contest with online or direct participation, depending on the context valid at the time of the event




During the festival, for students and teachers will be organized:

  • meetings with writers and media personalities
  • theatre
  • a final party.


  • for the teams registered for each book, prizes I, II, III and mentions will be awarded
  • Boovie Gala – the best book-trailers will be nominated and awarded for the following categories: interpretation, screenplay, image, editing, original soundtrack, direction and the Grand Prize / Boovie Trophy


Students’ creativity is followed on Boovie social media channels by:

  • over 9000 followers of the Facebook page
  • over 2200 followers of the Instagram account
  • over 8300 YouTube account subscribers

* Prizes will be in cash and / or products, participation in thematic courses, invitations to radio / TV shows, etc. The Boovie trophy is worth 1200 euros.

* * No participation fee is charged.

Books in contest


Please, look after mom

On the background of a woman’s disappearance from South Korea, the famous author Kyung-Sok Shin is making the radiography of a family that encourages us to ask ourselves whether we value or not enough the sacrifices and the moments with our loved ones. The mother's story is told by her children's points of view, who remember pieces of the past, discovering how incredible it was, in fact, the woman who gave them life.


How to Make Friends with the Dark

A meditation on family and grief, "How to Make Friends with the Dark", the second challenge for the High School Category, shows us what it really means to lose someone important. Tiger Tolliver takes us on a journey through the darkest of times.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone

“Daughter of Smoke and Bone” presents the unexpected journey of a young woman who, in a quest to discover her identity, steps into the midst of a bloody battle between demons and angels. Laini Taylor invites us to become immersed in a world where fantasy meets reality and love meets war.



Drawing on Maggie O'Farrell's fascination with the little-known story behind Shakespeare's most enigmatic play, “Hamnet” is centered on the writer’s only son. A bright portrait of marriage and an unforgettable portrait of a boy who was forgotten by everyone, but whose name gave the title of the most famous play of all times.


The book of fate

The famous author Parinush Saniee brings to the spotlight the story of Masumeh, whose sad life, crushed by pain and sacrifice, is confined to one duty — to be a wife and mother. “The Book of Fate” is an emblematic story for the destiny of women from Iran.



David Arnold brings us a story about people that are different and do not fit into any stereotype accepted by society. Written with sincerity and realism, the book brings to the stage of YA literature one of the most unique narrative voices ever.


Hello, Universe

Erin Entrada Kelly brings us the perfect book to illustrate a universal truth: regardless of the self-image it projects outside, all children suffer at a certain point in time from a certain degree of anxiety and timidity.


The reader

The third challenge for the Junior Category, “The Reader” takes us on an adventure on a realm full of magic and makes us once again fall in love of reading.


A night divided

On the background of a constant threat, “A night divided” tells us the story of a girl willing to do anything to reunite her family. Jeniffer A Nielsen’s book manages to deliver us not only a memorable adventure, but also shows us one of the greatest trauma left by the Cold War.


How I spent my summer vacation

Conceived as a huge composition, the novel "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" shows us how far the imagination of a child can go who, at first glance, is no different from others. With humor and depth, T. O. Bobe brings to the Romanian public a subtle game between reality and fiction. (The book is not available in english for the moment.)


The Ethan I was before

Ali Standish tells the story of a boy that knows the suffering too early, but who, along with his family and friends, gets hope. A story with a great emotional charge, which teaches us what friendship and forgiveness really mean.


The friendship experiment

Erin Teagan tell us the story of Maddie, a girl who, before becoming a famous scientist, must get through middle school first…


Merci Suarez changes gears

In a coming of age story full of humor and wisdom, Meg Medina gets to the heart of the constant change that defines middle school - and the steadfast connection that defines family.


Book Title

Short presentation of the book (after its announcement)


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