2021 registration guide

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We want to guide you to sign up if you are new to Boovie®. If you participated in 2020 then you are already routine with our forms.

The long-awaited moment for students from all over the world has come! Yes, you read that right! This year we are moving away from the borders of the country. And because there will be a little more people, we organize ourselves differently. We hope to see it already!

Let’s see how we proceed with the registrations this year.

Well, first we take note of the provisions of the regulations of the sixth edition.

2021 Regulations

Then, in order to register the team, you need the Information and Consent Note (NIC) and the Parent / Legal Representative Agreement (APR) completed with the data of each team member and signed.

If you don’t have them, they work very quickly! Just click on the link below and fill in all the information carefully. Be careful not to make mistakes because some of the data entered by you, personal identification data, of the team, about the school, will be present in documents and even diplomas!

Individual registration

Once you have submited, you will receive INSTRUCTIONS by e-mail, and the two pre-completed forms, ready to sign only. You will also find the instructions in the e-mail, but we will tell you here, once again.

After you have printed the documents with the information entered, you and your parents / parent / legal representative sign them, scan them and put them in a single file that you will name Name-Surname-NIC-APR.PDF.

Give the obtained file as well as the original signed documents to the teacher who coordinates your team to register the team!

Team registration



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